Cheeky is our vision to prove that simple, handmade, wholesome, while being good for you is also mouthwateringly delicious!

We make the yummiest chutneys, pickles and savoury sprinkles based on old family recipes, that have made their way between the kitchen and dinner table for generations. Each has a story of its own and will no doubt result in many more, as you share them with your family and friends.

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Eeky-peeky something cheeky coming your way lovely people!
This is by far the best product we have ever launched and I am so so proud of how it's coming along.
We are launching next week so keep your eye peeled....

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Whoop whoop !
It's that time of the year again and we are back The Handmade Fair from 15-17th September with our Cheeky chutneys, pickles and gifts.

To celebrate this brilliant fair, we are giving away two complimentary entry tickets to the show.
To enter a chance to win -
1) Follow our Facebook page
2) Like this post
3) Tag one friend who you would like to take with you to the fair.
Competition ends this Friday, 8th September.

Go on then cheeky ones...
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But my beloved chutney... Who are you?

What do we all know about chutney? Well, one it's delicious. Two, it's spiced and has something to do with India. And three, the best chutneys are made by Cheeky (naturally).

However why did they come into existence? What does the British Empire have to do with anything? Which chutneys are authentically Indian, and which ones did your Grannie make up with her surplus of apples one day?

All these questions are answered in our latest post, plus you'll find simple recipes for quick and instant Indian chutneys to be enjoyed with every meal!
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Very strong delicious lunch vibes here! I have missed my cheeky lot on holidays so making up with a bang.
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And I'm back!! Back after a brilliant hike and then some great family time with my cheeky kin.
How has everyone been !?
Today busy packing away orders after orders that piled up over the week. Thank you everyone who have waited patiently for their cheeky wares.
#cheekyliscious #chutneys #pickles
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