Cheeky is our vision to prove that simple, handmade, wholesome, while being good for you is also mouthwateringly delicious!

We make the yummiest chutneys, pickles and savoury sprinkles based on old family recipes, that have made their way between the kitchen and dinner table for generations. Each has a story of its own and will no doubt result in many more, as you share them with your family and friends.

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A bit of shameless eeh-haa before the weekend.
We are now one of the selected few official food suppliers for the Master Chef Gift Card. If you're a fan of the series like we are, think of a master chef gift card next time you need to buy a present for a foodie friend.
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LIVE with Holy Lama Spice Drops at the Fine Food show North. @holylamaspicedrops ... See MoreSee Less

Guild of Fine Food @findfoodnorth Harrogate with Cheeky Food Co.

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Bonjour bonjour!
We did it! We absolutely 100% did it!

Today our Cheeky chutneys - "Chutney Superbes Canneberges" and "Chutney Tamarin Titillant" are going on the shelves of the French supermarket giant Casino !!

Our condiments were selected for their prestigious "La selection Du Mois" campaign and will be proudly sold in over 100 stores across the country.

We really couldn't be happier!
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"More social, less media"

Hello lovely Cheeky ones, wish you all a very Happy New Year ! Suppose it's still okay to say that??
Sorry for the radio silence over the last one month, but I was taking a break from social media - it was becoming daunting with the one million other things in life and seemed like the one thing I could switch off for a while.

It felt good to cook and eat without making it "insta-worthy", or just live my days without thinking about where my next "content" was coming from. It didn't mean we weren't doing amazing things - oh the Cheeky kitchen has been busy with very exciting things coming up soon, just that I wasn't posting about them - simply because I wasn't enjoying posting. As a kid of the 80s, technology doesn't always appeal to my basic nature. (Okay that's early 80s, but surely 80s sounds cool :D)

I'm easing back, and somehow a relaxed Sunday like today seemed like a good day to restart.

Hope you're all having a great start to the year and will pardon my long silence. I promise to pop up my cheeky head every once in a while and hopefully see more of you at the many consumer shows we'll do this year - definitely more social, less media..... Happy 2018 🙂
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One more kitchen selfie (maybe last one for the year). We are back again to make up for sold out stock.
The day upto our kitchen run is always stressful, but I am always happy once I’m here. Whether chopping mangoes, stirring big pots of chutney, washing up or mopping the floor - I am always happy when I’m cooking (and then there is also uber old Indian film music on the blast to keep those feet tapping)
Happy day cheeky ones.
#cheekyliscious #handmade #artisan #chutney
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