• Healthy salad ingredients with a sprinkle of Cheeky magic

    Discover the world of health salad ingredients, right from the base grain to succulent plants, tossed in the right dressings and topped with crunchy sprinkles and salad toppings! Read our blog post to learn about what makes a salad healthy along with some great ideas for salad toppings and sprinkles.
  • 5 cooking tips for indian working moms

    As a working Indian mom, I struggle to make fresh Indian food for my family everyday. 
    Traditional Indian food has a reputation of taking arduous long hours to prepare, but with just a few simple tricks and hacks that I have listed here, you will have half the work done in advance, cutting off many minutes off your valuable weekday cooking and win you the 'mummy that cooks yummy' badge for life!

  • Top 20 traditional Indian spices list with picture

    Spices form the backbone of every Indian kitchen! Right from the more traditional Indian food spices like cumin and turmeric to the unusual (yet widely used) ajwain or carom seeds, we have collated a complete list of the top 20 most popular Indian spices list with pictures that you can use to cook a storm in your kitchen, all the way from the easy daal tadka to the more complicated baigan bharta or aubergine mash.