• Ginger and Garlic Paste

    A quick and easy way to prepare ginger and garlic paste that can be batch prepared and frozen into handy little cubes. Prepare these in a quick blender over a weekend and then pop out one every time you start a curry. This handy little recipe will shave off at least 10 minutes from your next curry cooking time and save those fingers from smelling of garlic for hours.
  • Kale Chaat

    A delicious healthy recipe to make this tasty Indian street food - kale chaat is our spin on the more traditional spinach pakoda/fritter. Try our healthy kale chaat recipe to make a tasty snack or BBQ side for the whole family to enjoy.  
  • Bhatura

    Bhatura is a fluffy, fried Indian bread made with flour and semolina. This delicacy is the perfect accompaniment to a bowl of spicy chana masala. Try our easy recipe to get soft, fluffy and delicious bhaturas every time.