Nachos with guacamole

Nachos with guacamole - I make this recipe EVERYTIME I have friends over. It is so simple to make, just a few ingredients (that I happen to always have in my kitchen cupboards), a few minutes to prepare and results in such a delicious, colourful looking snack of delicious sharing nachos platter. I serve this with two dips - a spicy garlicky guacamole using our Smelly Garlic pickle and soured cream with chives and Hot Chilli Hot Sprinkle.




  • Posted by Herschel Pant on

    OMG!! This was so good and simple to make. I’d highly recommend making it. Our guests loved it!

  • Posted by Rachana Reddy on

    These nachos were the most flavourful version that I’ve ever tried. The smelly garlic pickle is the icing on the cake and I can’t imagine nachos without them. Highly recommend !

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