• Nachos with guacamole

    Nachos with guacamole - try this easy recipe to make a hearty sharing platter of delicious, cheesy nachos. Simple to make, just a few ingredients and very little prep time to create this delicious, colourful looking snack of loaded nachos. I serve this with two dips - a spicy garlicky guacamole using our Smelly Garlic pickle and soured cream with chives and Hot Chilli Hot Sprinkle.
  • Daal Tadka

    A firm favourite of any Indian family. Made with healthy split yellow pea lentil, pretty much every Indian family makes some version of this delicious daal. 
  • Guacamole with Garlic

    This guacamole with garlic recipe is a big hit with anyone who has tried it. A cheeky version to the classic Guacamole, adding loads of flavour with our Smelly Garlic Pickle. Three simple ingredients and a super quick preparation