• Panfried Asparagus with Tamarind Chutney

    This seasonal panfried asparagus recipe has been contributed by Binny - a really fun food blogger ! Binny first found us on Twitter :) She ordered some of our pickles and chutneys through our website and pretty quickly got hooked on! Binny is the kind of blogger who will really support a brand that she believes in. And so lucky we are one of them. She has visited us in food markets, liked our posts on social media, she even made the time to visit us during our launch week at Selfridges.
  • Tear and Share Garlic Bread

    A superb tear-and-share bread ring recipe using our Smelly Garlic Pickle created by Chintal Kakaya! You can eat this one with your eyes (or better re-create in your kitchen) 
  • Achari Stuffed Paratha

    This achari paratha is called masale ka paratha in my family, which means "flat-bread stuffed with spices". This recipe is most unique to my family and was my late grandmother's very 'special'. I have always loved it and it still is one of my favourite comfort foods.