• Okra Fries

    Okra Fries! Ah a delicious treat to enjoy this crispy and spicy snack with a cold drink. We have a recipe that will make these okra fries deliciously crispy to be enjoyed by the whole family. Sprinkle our Hot Chilli Hot sprinkle to create a bomb of flavour on those crispy fries.
  • Daal Tadka

    A firm favourite of any Indian family. Made with healthy split yellow pea lentil, pretty much every Indian family makes some version of this delicious daal. 
  • Aloo Gobi Vegan

    Aloo Gobi vegan recipe – A quintessential vegetable dish in every Indian household. One that is truly magnificent in it’s simplicity of vegetables – the humble potato and cauliflower – and preparation. Sprinkle with Pecky Peanut for delicious healthy aloo gobi vegan preperation.