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Chicken skewers ingredients

Ingredients – 
– 1 Medium sized skinless free range chicken breast
– 3 tbsp of Nutter Coconut Sprinkle
– 1 Small pack of natural coconut yoghurt
– 1 Baby pineapple
– 1 Beef Tomato

– 1 Medium sized red onion
– 1 Corn on the cob, blanched
– 4-6 Red Thai chillies
– 1 Small bunch fresh coriander
– Sea salt for seasoning
– Vegetable oil for brushing

Making chicken skewers
Blaze the corn
Chicken skewers with Vegetables
Grilling chicken skewers


Method – 
Step 1 – Dice the chicken, season to taste with salt.
Step 2 – Prepare the pineapple and dice into similar sized pieces as the chicken.
Step 3 – Skewer the Pineapple, chicken and chillies alternating between each.






Step 4 – Char the corn with a gas gun until blistered and burnt, allow to cool.





Step 5 – Prepare the salsa by dicing the tomato and red onion. Finely shred the coriander, cut the kernels from the cobs and combine with the other ingredients.
Step 6 – Season to taste and set aside.





Step 7 – Sear the chicken skewers on a hot griddle until cooked through turning and basting with oil every minute.
Step 8 – Plate the dish by putting a generous spoonful of yoghurt on the plate followed by a generous sprinkling of Nutter Coconut
Step 9 – Finish with the salsa and the hot chicken skewers.

Chicken skewers

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