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As always we’ve been working with traditional family recipes, ingredients, and techniques, but this time we’ve also adapted them to some British-Indian classics. We know you are going to just love the results!  To celebrate you and this fantastic foursome, we’re offering a 20% discount on any orders until Sunday 21st May, so scroll down to see what you can get!

Indian Chutneys

Mighty Mango Chutney

Yes, it’s the most-adorned fruit preserve since the Victorian era; mango chutney! Except it’s our version, made using natural Indian jaggery and fresh mangoes, to make it just as mighty as it claims. We developed an authentic no-vinegar recipe, and the resulting flavour is simply so much more complex for it. This is an ideal Indian chutney to pair with cheese, or for adding a sweet note to savoury oriental meals. Sweet mango and a special spice mix, mmmm, what more can you want?! More details…Mighty Mango Chutney

Ravishing Red Onion Chutney

Ravishing Red Onion Chutney

An old classic, but of course with a cheeky twist. Caramelised red onions dare to entangle themselves with our mix of seeds and spices, to create one of the most fragrant chutneys this side of the Ganges. The colour is deep, and its flavour is complex, developing from sweet to spiced, and back again. Rich, purple, and regal, this ravishing red onion is ready to be guest of honour on the cheeseboard, or used in sandwiches to instantly render them much richer. More details…Ravishing Red Onion Chutney

Wild Wild Veggies Pickle

Wild-Wild Veggies Pickle

Cauliflower and Carrot team-up once again, but this time it’s not on the side of your Sunday roast. Instead they’ve gone wild, somehow finding themselves drenched in spice-infused oils, and chumming up with some rogue chillies and ginger.  The Silk Roads were dominated by spice trade precisely due to their ability to liven up everyday vegetables, and with these wild-wild veggies, you can really see why! Caramelised to perfection before-hand, this is a pickle just waiting to be paired with naan, chapati, hot curries, or even (for the daring…) mature cheeses. More details… Wild-Wild Veggies Pickle

Mixed chilli pickle

Chilli Bang-Bang Pickle

A pickled chilli? No! Three pickled chillies. Scotch Bonnet, Bullet and Indian chillies have a three-way wedding to make a delectable pickle with the spiciest of perfumes. One of our favourite pickles to make, as the fruity scents of the various chillies fill the air with very chop, to create an intoxicating atmosphere. Our secret spice blend then lends distinction to the kick, and make a flavour bang so loud, we had to say it twice! Enjoy this pickle (a lot) with naan, chapati, curries, and whatever else you feel may need a little kick! More details… Chilli Bang-Bang Pickle

So…. Are your taste buds sufficiently aroused by our new range of Indian chutneys and pickles?
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