Chutney – everything you need to know

What is chutney? Where did it come from? And what’s the difference between chutney and pickle huh? Oh young curious spicy one, fret not, these long-asked questions have simple answers and we shall enlighten you here today. Cheeky Food company is an artisan...

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5 of our favourite UK based Indian brand

Hello Cheeky Ones, So while we all know that Cheeky makes the best pickles in the country (of course!), we thought it would be good to shout out about some of the other upcoming and “proper” Indian food brands in the country. The food business can be tough...

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Our top 5 favourite Teachers Gifts !

Hello Cheeky ones, It’s that time of the year again and if you have little ones at school, we’re sure you’re looking for that special gift to say thank you to their favourite teachers. Therefore we have searched high and low to find our top 5 picks...

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5 common mistakes while making Indian food

Dear Cheeky Ones, There’s at least one known thing in the universe; we all love Indian food. I mean steaming hot basmati rice, the curries, or that freshly fluffed naan-bread… Just writing the words is calling me back to the kitchen. And if you were to ask for the...

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Four New Flavours to Spice up Your Life!

First we just want to say thank you so much for following and supporting Cheeky all this time. Without you chilli-lovin’ pickle-munchin’ extraordinary gourmets, there would be no Cheeky, and we wouldn’t be here today to unveil another four Indian...

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Political Pickle

As promised to you pickle pirates, this week I would like to let you know a little about pickling culture in India, especially the Indian mango pickle, and how I came to the recipes I use. So… When I say the word “grandma” – what does it evoke...

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Here’s one for losing!

Okay so I have mostly ever blogged about the happy stuff happening at Cheeky and grateful I am, there is so much. So when I heard a not-so-desirable outcome for a certain award I was really hoping for, like anyone else, I was disheartened to say the least. Here is how...

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The Cheeky Little Cook-off

Hello lovely food bloggers, Hope all is well in the foodie world and you’re enjoying this grand harvest time of the year. Here at Cheeky, we are super excited about our launch at Selfridges and thought why not have a little fun on the side with our favourite foodies –...

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Sampling Schedule at Selfridges

Yay !! The word is out and we are launching our Cheeky little jars at the Selfridges foodhall at their Oxford Street, Birmingham and Manchester Trafford stores. Meet the Makers is back at Selfridges for a second year from 30th July – 11th October with a schedule of...

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