My Teachers Salad Sprinkles Gift


Looking for a unique gift for teachers ? Our beautifully packaged gift box containing three award winning salad sprinkles makes the perfect and most delicious gift for your teachers. These sprinkles can be enjoyed by her on her salads, soups, stir-frys or even scrambled eggs for months to come!

Our Teachers Salad Sprinkles pack contains our spicy, healthy, superfood sprinkles, Pecky Peanut, Silly Sesame and Nutter Coconut, to brighten up their everyday meals! Your teacher can choose her favourite sprinkle on her salads and stir-frys and be reminded of you every time she reaches out for the sprinkles. We also include a 16 page recipe booklet in the gift so your teacher is never out of ideas for her lunches. This is a gift that keeps giving 🙂

These sprinkles arrive in a beautifully packaged gift box that is sure to impress any teacher from the word go! Every year teachers are gifted flowers, cards, mugs and chocolates – imagine her delight as she opens this package and finds a truly unique gift that she has never been gifted before !

Here are more details about the pouches –

Nutter Coconut sprinkle is made from whole roasted coconuts with a hint of garlic and spices. Enjoy on salads, grilled salmon or spring greens with a drizzle of olive oil.

Pecky Peanut sprinkle is made from 98% roasted peanuts with chilli and cumin. Make those new potato salads, extra special with the texture and nuttiness of our Peanut sprinkle. GREAT TASTE AWARD WINNER 2016

Silly Sesame sprinkle is made from roasted sesame seeds along with garlic and chilli. Enjoy on stir-frys, roast cauliflower or brocolli. GREAT TASTE AWARD WINNER 2016

We also include a complimentary 16 page recipe booklet with loads of ideas for using the products. This is a brilliant way to help you get started with the products and also to dip in for recipe inspiration for simple, healthy everyday meals.


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INCLUDES 30gm Pecky Peanut Sprinkle pouch – GREAT TASTE AWARD WINNER
28gm Silly Sesame Sprinkle pouch – GREAT TASTE AWARD WINNER
25gm Nutter Coconut Sprinkle pouch
16 page recipe booklet
ALLERGY ADVICE Contains peanut and sesame seeds. Prepared in a kitchen that uses mustard seeds.
WEIGHT 200g (total weight of package)
SHELF LIFE Each product will have at least 8 months of shelf life at delivery. Store the pouches in a cool dry place and consume within 6 weeks of opening.

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