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Do you have a vegan friend? These days, most probably you do! And without being able to resort to the usual cheese hamper for a present, sometimes we just don’t know what to get them.

Well fret no more, for Indian culture has long known how to treat our lentil-chomping amigos. We know the way to spice up their life, and it’s by giving them… well, spices! Yes, delicious spices mixed with nuts, seeds, coconut, and beyond, ready to be sprinkled upon any hot and tasty savoury meal. 

These fragrant sprinkles are the parmesan of the orient; packed with protein and flavour, they can add depth and colour at an instant to even the simplest preparations. 

Whether it be on top of a sumptuous curry, or a hot bowl of soup, or some humble steamed carrots, their versatility will ensure they become indispensable in any vegan diet.

And although they will never be short of ideas on how to whip these bad-boys out, just to get the mojo flowing, we’ve included a 16-page recipe booklet packed with great ideas.

So grab this gift now for your cotton-donning, tofu-toting, compassionate companion, and make sure all their meals are exploding with gorgeous colour and flavour forever more! 

Nutter Coconut sprinkle is made from whole roasted coconuts with a hint of garlic and spices. Enjoy on salads, squash soup or spring greens with a drizzle of olive oil.

Pecky Peanut sprinkle is made from 90% roasted peanuts with chilli and cumin. Make those new potato salads extra special with their tantalising texture and nuttiness. GREAT TASTE AWARD 2016

Silly Sesame sprinkle is made from roasted sesame seeds along with garlic and chilli. Enjoy on stir-fries, roast cauliflower or brocolli – GREAT TASTE AWARD 2016

Hot Chilli Hot sprinkle is made from whole red chillies mixed with crushed coconut and roasted garlic. Infinitely superior to just chilli flakes – loads more flavour, and just the right heat. Use on pizzas, pasta sauce, soups or stir-fries!


INCLUDES 85gm Nutter Coconut Sprinkle jar.
115gm Pecky Peanut Sprinkle jar.
95gm Silly Sesame Sprinkle jar.
80gm Hot Chilli Hot Sprinkle jar.
16 page recipe booklet.
ALLERGY ADVICE Contains peanuts and sesame seeds. Prepared in a kitchen that uses mustard seeds.
WEIGHT 1000gm (weight of total package)
SHELF LIFE Each product will have at least 8 months of shelf life at delivery. Store the jars in a cool dry place and consume within 6 weeks of opening.

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