Swati Biwal grew up in India, one of a large family of forty-five people,. This family consisted of Swati’s grandfather’s kin and that of his six brothers, resulting in a vibrant, noisy and fun environment, where there was always a reason to celebrate. Whether it be birthdays, weddings, or just ‘because’, Swati’s earliest memories of food were framed by joyous occasions and lavish spreads.

Giving up her rather nerdy career as Mathematician and Engineer, she quit the corporate life to raise her two young girls in a fun-filled house that in many ways mirrored that of her own childhood. A home filled with girly sparkles, glitter and moments of laughter.

Family life and the challenges it presents, quickly taught Swati that cooking meals from scratch and doing everything else that needed doing, needed more than the twenty-four hours a normal day provides.  So she naturally started looking into her family treasure trove of recipes, for pickles, chutneys and sprinkles that she could keep in jars and then use to add flavour to everyday meals easily and quickly.

When the kids were fast asleep and a semblance of order had been regained, Swati spent dedicated hours in her kitchen surrounded by these little jars of goodness. This post 8pm enterprise was the birth of the Cheeky Food Co.

A year was spent learning and refining their use in different meals and for different occasions, as well as providing samples at food markets, from which she received an overwhelming response. The result was inevitable and after that formative year, on the 30th of July 2015, Swati officially launched Cheeky Food Co at the Selfridges Food hall as part of their prestigious Meet the Maker campaign.

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