Hello lovely food bloggers,
Hope all is well in the foodie world and you’re enjoying this grand harvest time of the year.
Here at Cheeky, we are super excited about our launch at Selfridges and thought why not have a little fun on the side with our favourite foodies – you.

So we bring to you, “The Cheeky Little Cook Off”.


Cheeky Product Range

Steps are simple 1-2-3

1) Create your cheekiest best recipe using any one of our flavours and post on your blog. If you have the jar you need, great, else let us know on Twitter and we’ll send you one.
2) We repost your recipes on our website (obviously with all due credit to you).
3) From Monday 24th August, for a whole week we give your recipes a big loud shout on instagram and twitter with #cheekylittlecookoff. The recipe with the most Twitter + Instagram likes/retweets wins our Cheeky Little Cook Off.
The winner gets a special feature on our website about his/her food inspiration, food blog and wins a hamper of all our chutneys, pickles and sprinkles.

What are we waiting, lets get cheeky and have some fun !!

If you’re up for the competion, let us know on Twitter #cheekylittlecookoff

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